Sunday, 27 October 2013

My First Blog Post

For a couple of years now I have been an avid reader of many beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogs and spend hours reading through posts old and new. Then in my last 2 years at school for my GCSE's I had the chance to do media and got to put together my own magazine. I realised then that actually I loved the different aspects that went in to designing my own magazine and creating articles and decided that I wanted to do that sort of thing forever!

Since my early teens, I have had stacks of glossy fashion magazines piled up in my room and couldn't wait for the day that I could get next months copy. The same goes for my 'passion for fashion' (as some may say). Even when I was very young, I would have to have a new dress for a party and I was particularly handbag obsessed! (Some days I would carry round three because I couldn't decide which one to wear...I was 5 though and I've since just decided to carry the one though it can be very heavy)

So now as I get older and know how to properly apply make up and buy my own clothes, I can allow this love for all things fashion and beauty to flourish. The excitement I feel when I buy a new lipstick and use it or get a new handbag is something I want to share with you all! So it made sense that this would be what my blog is about with some everyday 'lifestyle' posts thrown in there too.

A few blogs have been staple reads throughout these past few years for me and I have not only found some great tips on what I should be buying or whether or not a lipstick was good but much more! The power that someone can have, purely with their words,and the ability they have to make my day seem brighter is amazing and I hope that maybe one day when I am no longer this newbie blogger, I can too inspire someone or encourage them in some way. Even if just one person can feel happy when they read one of my posts I will be over the moon forever. I'm starting from scratch though so bare with me as I learn how to do this 'blogging' thing, hopefully it won't take me long.

So this is the beginning. In years to come I may look back at this post and cringe at what I am writing right now (and quickly remove the post to avoid embarrassment), but hopefully I will look back and feel glad that I started. Who knows where this could take me and I hope it's somewhere great!